Investigative Services
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The very best investigative services

The information you need is only a phone call away.

As with any other critical life decision, attempting to navigate troubled waters during a highly emotional time, without all the facts, will hurt you in the long run. DON'T make that mistake.  Call now.
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    Domestic and Divorce
    We can assist you toward a more positive divorce settlement. With infidelity we can assist you with finding out if your spouse or partner is having an affair.
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    Child Custody
    We understand the sensitivity of these issues and can help you reach the best possible outcome.
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    Location Services
    Missing persons. Witness and victim location.
  4. 3
    Fraud Investigations
    Insurance, Workers Compensation and Disabiltiy
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    Background Checks
    We provide complete background investigations that can help you understand who you are dealing with saving money and possibly heartache down the road.
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    Criminal Defense
    We understand that criminal defense investigations must be conducted in a systematic and impartial manner to uncover the truth and give you the best defense possible.
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    Employee Misconduct and Employee Concerns
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    Under Construction
    Under construction