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  1. Professional Investigators
    Professional Investigators
    InfoTech Investigative Services is managed by Mark Austin. With more than 34 years of law enforcement, corporate and private investigative experience, Mr. Austin and his staff offer the comprehensive knowledge and experience needed to meet your investigative needs.
  2. Licensed in South Carolina and Georgia
    Licensed in South Carolina and Georgia
    Licensed in South Carolina by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. License number D0001862. Georgia License number PDC002733
  3. Certified
    Certified Fraud Examiner Fraud Claim Law Specialist Certified Controls Specialist
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What is the goal of any investigation?  The goal of any investigation is to gather factual information. To determine the TRUTH.  The information gathered can be used to resolve a concern, provide needed evidence, establish someone's identity, or give peace of mind. We are committed to providing our clients with the information they need to enable them to make the best possible decisions regarding their specific situation. 
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    Divorce & Infidelity
    InfoTech Investigative Services understands the sensitivity of these investigations and has the skill and experience to properly and legally gather the evidence you need.
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    Child Custody
    We understand the sensitivity of these issues and can help you reach the best possible outcome.
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    Whether you are an employer or in a dating relationship knowing who you are really dealing with is important.
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    Fraud costs Americans millions of dollars each year. From false disability claims to misuse of company resources InfoTech can help uncover this misconduct.
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